I’m online!

…and I’m so excited about it that I don’t know what to write in my first post here. The blog, along with the website and an insane order of photographic gear, is just how my dreams are starting to come together. And there are so many plans running through my head right now, that sometimes I just feel the need to sit and write them down. I will share some of them with you, here, but all in good time.

As I’m hitting the keyboard, I’m trying to think of all the questions I will ask Maria tomorrow. Long story short, she is the photographer that inspired me and admiring her work gave me the courage some time ago to try and take my passion of taking photos and telling their tale to the next level. And since she’s in Bucharest for a few days, I must not miss the chance to meet and see what she was up to lately.

What’s more to say…well, just stick around! I will be posting news, photos and stories…all linked to a beautiful art: photography.

And… oh, I almost forgot: welcome!